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    Slack | Crunchbase

    From global Fortune 100 companies to corner markets, businesses and teams of every kind use Slack to bring the right people together with all the right 

    Slack for Enterprises | Slack

    Enterprise companies trust Slack as their hub for secure, efficient collaboration.

    Pricing | Slack

    Find the Slack plan that best fits your company. Plans include messaging 

    Slack expands beyond teams to entire organizations with Enterprise

    31 Jan 2017 After observing the groundswell of adoption by employees in individual teams, Slack has set its sight on making its productivity platform 

    Onboard your company to Slack | Slack

    This guide will help you introduce Slack to your company in a meaningful way.

    My Company Tried Slack For Two Years. This Is Why We Quit.

    22 Jun 2017 This remote company decided real-time communiion was holding it back. So it built a new tool from the ground up.

    How to Use Slack for Your Small Business Team - Free! - Small

    28 Mar 2017 Slack is a messaging and collaboration system on steroids. The app brings all your team's communiions and files where they are instantly 

    How Secure Is Slack for your Business? | Expert Insights

    Slack is quickly becoming the most popular tool for organizations to communie – but does it pose security risks? Expert Insights / Jan 03, 2020 By Joel Witts.

    How to Use Slack: A Guide for Social Savvy Businesses | Sprout

    26 Jul 2019 Slack is a team collaboration and project management tool. The platform can be used in-browser or as its own native app on desktop and mobile.

    Why Slack has become the new favorite tool of large corporations

    16 Jul 2015 How has Slack made itself an indispensable business tool ? Stewart Butterfield has done it again. At just 41, the Canadian seems to have 

    Slack is expanding its team chat app to work with the largest

    31 Jan 2017 As of today, the company says it's already deployed its new enterprise product to companies like IBM, PayPal, and Capital One. Slack's new 

    Slack Is Our Company of the Year. Here's Why Everybody's Talking

    Slack is one of the fastest-growing software companies on the planet--and it doesn't have a single salesperson.

    Slack Review: 7 Ways To Use Slack For Your Business

    11 Jan 2019 Check out this Slack Review to discover the 3 ways it provides value: Team communiion, providing business insights integrating with 

    Why Your Small Business Could Benefit From Using Slack

    21 Mar 2019 Slack is a messaging tool that connects teams both in the office and on the go via desktop or using an app on your smartphone. Slack is simple to 

    Break down walls with shared channels | The Official Slack Blog

    16 Sep 2019 A shared channel works just like a normal Slack channel, only now connecting two organizations. This means a team from Company A is 

    Companies using Slack and its marketshare - Enlyft

    Slack is most often used by companies with 10-50 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue. Our data for Slack usage goes back as far as 3 years and 11 

    Shared channels in Slack | Slack

    Shared channels let two separate organizations work together in a Slack channel 

    Slack launches shared channels to connect teams across companies

    13 Sep 2017 Slack is introducing shared channels to make it easier for employees at separate companies to collaborate using its messaging software.

    What Is Slack Messaging | CloudApp

    Slack allows businesses, communities, and other organizations to create a For small to medium-sized companies, you'll likely need just one workspace 

    What Is Slack Messaging | CloudApp

    Slack allows businesses, communities, and other organizations to create a For small to medium-sized companies, you'll likely need just one workspace 

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